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Wiste's Continuous Concrete Edging

Common Questions about Affordable Curbing & Landscape Borders

​Why Continuous Concrete Edging?

Requires little to no trimming. One continuous piece of concrete landscape curbing will last for decades and is attractive. Wiste’s is 7 inches wide, which provides an effective root barrier for grass and weeds. Plastic edging is weak and will not stay in ground through freeze and thaw cycles. Wood will rot over time. Steel will rust. Individual concrete blocks or bricks will shift and grass will grow between them.


What is the cost?

Factors that affect the price per foot are travel distance, footage, ground preparation, number of areas, and current market demand. We give quotes on site or by phone (507) 420-0997.


How long are the pieces and where can
I buy them?

Wiste’s is not individual pieces. Concrete is mixed on-site, extruded through a small machine, and hand finished.


Will it crack?

Discrete cracks can occur, however there is no stronger landscape edging on the market. Being one solid piece it will rise (freezing) and fall (thawing) with minimal cracking. Fiber mesh, cable, and concrete additives are used to add strength and minimize cracking.


Does my existing edging need to be removed before installation?

Wiste’s will remove your existing edging.


How long will the process take?

Most jobs are completed in one day, or less.


Is the color painted or stained on the edging?

No, your selected color is mixed directly into the concrete allowing the color to go through the entire edging.

Wiste's Continuous Concrete Edging
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